Barbara Kitallides

Barbara Kitallides is a Cypriot born multidisciplinary artist living in Melbourne, Australia. Kitallides began her artistic journey studying design and visual communication at Monash University and now is a full time artist whose artwork uses bold colour and expressive paint strokes in an exploration of life and place in the modern world. Her works enquire into our inner conscience and how it interacts with our surroundings; there is a constant push pull effect of anarchy and control. The end aim is to find balance within the chaos of these two spaces and discover what results. Kitallides works quickly, voicing her emotions on canvas, then taking time to let the art speak back. Over a period of weeks, even months, Kitallides works on the canvas until she is satisfied the dialogue is complete.

Kitallides has exhibited her work in nearly 30 group and solo shows, won awards and been published in various online and print articles. Her work is held in private collections across Australia and internationally.