Bev Plowman

Melbourne artist, Bev Plowman has always been involved in the arts was both a practicing artist and visual arts teacher for 20 years until in 2009 she started creating full time as a painter, mosaic artist and sculptor. Plowman is inspired by the mood and light created by the impressionist painters, with water, ponds and the sea as primary themes that come through in her art. Plowman's work experiments with making marks in paint, mosaic, or ceramics to convey a feeling. 

The 'Dawn 'Till Dusk' series examines the changing light as the day progresses, moving from energetic splashes of colour to more violet and purple tones and becoming more restful, paralleling our own body's rhythm as we slow down ready for sleep. Through abstract marks and simple colour palettes the viewer is encouraged to examine the works more closely and feel the connection between the brush and the intention for grounding the mind. These hybrid landscapes create a bridge between representation and abstraction, the recognisable is filtered and transformed. Plowman is always trying to push the boundaries in her art to make her work contemporary and unique. 

Bev Plowman has created many mosaic murals around Melbourne and won National and State awards for her mosaic work.