enza benincasa

Enza Benincasa is a, Melbourne based artist who resides in and takes inspiration from the vibrant suburb of St Kilda, Australia. She is a multi-faceted artist creating large scale works in painting, soft assemblage, installation art, video, photography and performance art. Benincasa has exhibited her art extensively through major galleries and trade fairs, including RMIT Gallery Melbourne, Forty Five Downstairs, Art Melbourne, Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy, Manyung Gallery, Bright Space, The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall, Edges Gallery, and Jackman Gallery. Her work has been highly commended, shortlisted for major acquisition prizes and has been featured in the award winning book “The Art of being Melbourne” by Maree Coote.

Benincasa’s works explores her connection to the “Psycho-geography: The study of the specific effects of the geographical environment; consciously organised or not on the emotions and behaviour of individuals.” Her paintings blend realistic elements of the landscape with layers of soft glazes of ephemeral-style abstract forms to reference the notion of the awareness of other realms, times and spaces, and acknowledging her own connection and sense of awe, essence and spirit of place.

In 2014-15-16 Benincasa held a studio tenancy at the Port Phillip Council, Shakespeare Grove Artist Studios. Her works focused on the eclectic St Kilda sea side landscape and its iconic buildings, its bold collective personality and loud (figurative and literal) nature - all of which became translated in her giant works on paper.

Benincasa has just completed a corporate commission for a global property developer’s board room. She is now currently working on a series of sketches and paintings of the Ngargee Tree in St Kilda: this tree was the site of many Corroboree’s and gatherings for the Aboriginal People. Enza has included this spiritually-symbolic tree in many of her works as she feels a strong spiritual and mystic connection to it.