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Elwood Moore's first solo show draws on more than 30 years experience living, working within and closely observing Australian culture and our relationship with the landscape. His work reflects on the built environment and human-made objects that surround us, and how our inherited European heritage influences have shaped our experience of our physical environment. He also explores the relationships and tensions between ‘high’ culture and popular culture, including the Australian sports culture, male identity, larrikinism, car culture, machismo and how we navigate these differences within our society. Moore expresses his themes through his visual vocabulary of brushwork; building up his surface with impasto layers, pushing then dragging with brushes and palette knives. This gives his paintings a highly textural and tactile appearance and allows him to create pieces that sit on the threshold between abstraction and recognisable forms. Moore's work invites his audience to make sense of his paintings, or simply enjoy the forms that lie in the balance of almost - almost being understood. 

OPENING NIGHT 6-8pm 24th August 2018