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"HIDDEN" explores the internal torment and suffering of popular culture's greatest icons with imagery of Prince, George Michael, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse and Robin Williams. This trauma is contrasted by flamboyant personalities and exceptional talents. Initially, Zoi’s portraits draw the viewer in with impressive depictions of each character. Upon closer inspection, there is a poignant depth waiting to be discovered. Zoi’s artworks demonstrate her expert use of line work, light and shade. Each portrait focuses on capturing her subject’s eyes: using the concept of the eyes as the window to the soul, Zoi endeavours to capture this depth so that the artwork can grow and take its own shape. The ‘unfinished’ look of some her portraits explores the idea that perhaps, the stories of her subjects are also incomplete.

OPENING NIGHT 6-8pm 7th Sep 2018

Later Event: 7 September