Kimmi Lee is a Melbourne artist whose work displays her passion for colour and exploring how people connect with it. Lee approaches her work with the intent of making a strong impact through the use of bold colour choices.

Colour fascinates and excites me! I love it when colours either strongly clash or complement one another, bringing on a wave of emotional reactions, whether it be attraction or repulsion, love or hate, confusion or contentment.
— Kimmi Lee

Lee’s interest and incredible skill in colour led her to a career as a specialist colour matcher, but her inner creative drove her to study design at RMIT - the influences of both can be clearly seen in her brightly coloured, decisive art style.

Lee’s works have been photographed for Real Living Magazine and has been featured in Domain and Sunday Life magazines with editorial articles on her works and eclectic home style. Lee’s works reside in private collections both within Australia and around the world.