Nunzio Miano

Melbourne based artist, Nunzio Miano has spent the last 30 years expressing himself through painting, drawing and ceramic work. Miano began his tertiary devlopment in Visual Arts at the University of Melbourne and then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Monash University, Melbourne. Miano’s brightly coloured and expressive works contrast with dark and melancholy pieces exploring distortion and emotion. From Sicilian immigrant heritage, Miano explores the social and personal stresses combined with cultural differences. He draws on his personal experiences from spending time in his cultural home and expresses his influence with bold colour and line.

Nunzio’s work has been selected as a finalist in the Kennedy Prize, was in the Affordable Art Fair’s top nine favourite pieces as published in Vogue Living and has been featured in multiple designer shoots. Despite only recently starting to exhibit his work publicly, all of Miano’s solo exhibitions have been sell-out shows. His works can be found in private collections across Australia as well as internationally.