tara schyer

Melbourne-born artist, Tara Schyer has always loved, been fascinated by and surrounded herself with art and has been painting for 15 years. Tara studied painting at VCA and came to love hard-edge painting where she then developed her own style within the genre.

Tara's work explores the connections and relationships within art as in life, and seeks to represent those relationships through painting. Through the simplicity of clean lines, painting one side against another, Tara seeks to express the idea that we are all connected – all shapes, colours and sizes, united in a single space. As such, her pieces often incorporate wide variances of colour and their sometimes-unusual relationships with each other. In opposition to this, when painting in the monochromatic tones of black, white, navy & gold, Tara seeks to explore the divisions and separations of humanity. These differing pieces offer her viewers a statement about the dualities within the human spectrum, as expressed through art, that human beings, like paintings carry this footprint of the unique and wonderful.