Try Before you buy

While it’s always a pleasure to receive you at Vernissage in person, it’s not always easy to imagine an artwork in your space or you may even live interstate. To meet this issue head on, we offer a range of services that allow you to experience the artwork in your space before committing to purchase, or to simulate the experience. These services are included free of charge for any of our artwork.

 In Home Trial Period

If you’ve found an art piece in our collection that you like but are unsure if it’ll suit your decor, we offer an exclusive one week in home trial period with a fully refundable 50% deposit of each artwork on consignment. This allows you to experience the artwork over a series of days under conditions that would otherwise not be possible.

This service is open to all Inner Melbourne Metropolitan properties including Mornington Peninsula.

Simulating the Look

For customers who are interstate or simply unable to take advantage of trial period, we offer the opportunity to modify a photograph taken of the room you wish to see the artwork in situ. While it’s possible to place images using easily available software on a mobile phone or online, they often don’t take into consideration lighting effects or complex shadows. By taking a more hands on approach, we are able to demonstrate artwork in a property.

In addition, there are some images where the perspective doesn’t allow for a direct viewing, and using careful perspective control, we can place a relatively accurately scaled artwork into your home setting too, which is not possible without complex photo manipulation.