Fine Art Printing

Vernissage offers fine art printing sometimes referred to as Giclée with an emphasis on the giving the individual photographer or artist control over their own works, in a collaborative environment. Indeed, we like to treat the entire process as a hands on experience for the photographer or artists, and for them to be involved.

Colour accuracy is entirely managed in house from hardware calibrated 10 bit displays to each paper being calibrated onsite and checked for accuracy prior to being added to our list of products. ICC Profiles are available on request for each paper to they can be previewed on your own monitor at home or in your studio.

We have extensive experience in preparing prints for archival and historical purposes, as well as for competition purposes including the AIPP APP awards.


We are constantly updating our list of supported papers list. If you have a preferred paper for printing, we are happy to look into supporting it on a case by case basis. Our preferred supplier is Moab and Ilford however we also include papers from Museo, Hahnemühle, Canson and Sihl. If you wish to include a paper that is not currently on the list we recommend contacting us regarding printing on the form at the bottom of this page or to call us to discuss your needs. Our preferred products are mostly OBA free (optical brightening agents) ensuring the quality of the print retains the same quality in 100 years as it does when it leaves our studio. Sadly not every paper is available up to 60" in width but we'll endeavour to meet your needs with the products available.

Pricing is indicative and is ultimately quoted on a case by case basis. We recommend getting in touch with us through the form below, or by phoning us on (03) 9510 1607. Papers will be added as requests become available. Most papers are kept in stock however, some delays may occur in waiting for arrival of resupplies. We recommend a two week turn around for large orders, however, single prints may be completed in under two days.

Brand Paper Type gsm 24" 44" 50" 60"
Ilford Galerie - Smooth Cotton Rag 310 $74 $131 Call Call
Galerie - Gold Fibre Gloss 310 $74 $130 Call NA
Galerie - Washi Torinoko 110 $74 $130 NA NA
Moab Entrada Rag Natural 290 $78 $136 $170 NA
Somerset Museum Rag 310 $86 $141 NA $213
Moab Juniper Baryta 305 $86 $141 NA $197
Sihl Fortuna Artist Canvas 400 NA $98 NA $151
Luna Satin Artist Canvas 350 NA $100 NA $148

Printer Calibration

To ensure the best quality from any printer, requires the use of custom ICC profiles for each paper used for printing. If you have struggled with your own prints not matching what you see on the screen, it’s likely due to a mismatch in ICC profiles for your paper, or not using profiles at all.
We can help to take the complexity out of profiling printers, helping you achieve high quality prints by calibrating your printer and paper combinations.

Each custom calibration is priced at $100 inc. GST, with discounts on batch calibrations. Please contact us for more information.

Request Printing Information

Please use this form or call us to request information regarding printing or calibration with Vernissage. We shall endeavour to call or email you back as soon as possible.

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