zoe ellenberg

Zoe Ellenberg is a Melbourne artist who has spent much of her career travelling and exhibiting around the world. The wilderness of Indonesia, the South Pacific and Australia have been of particular inspiration to her, with their unique flora and fauna. Ellenberg's work is therefore influenced by this connection with nature: lush tropical, rainforests, mountains and seascapes are powerful imagery in her work. The energy of such places can be clearly seen.

Ellenberg's approach to application imitates the rainforest as its grows out of chaos, using a mixed set of media including inks, watercolour, acrylic, soft pastel, oil pastel, spray can and black linear enamel, growing and twining on the surface of high quality watercolour paper.

The incredible diverse wilderness that the Rainforest has to offer is an artist’s dream, with the abundance of fauna, flora, insects and animals a buzz with activity, blasting with colour. So diverse are rainforests, that virtually every tree you encounter might be a different species, not to mention the thousands of orchids and numerous fascinating plants.
— Zoe Ellenberg

Ellenberg is also a highly skilled sculptural artist, working in bronze and presenting her work on marble and granite.