Zory McGrath is Melbourne based contemporary artist and master Iconographer born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her artworks draw parallels to the religious symbolism in her iconography and the abstract expressionism in her paintings. Being raised in a former Eastern Block country has heavily influenced her paintings, bringing the social realism through decorative motifs, architectural structures, shapes or iconography traditions.  

In her recent works, Zory explores various concepts of the composition and structure. Her paintings are also an interpretation of various scenes adapted from life, mostly imaginary in their depiction. They are a multitude of vibrant colours consisting of azure, indigos, cobalt green, yellow, cadmium red and zinc white. Zory endows the colour with both expressive value and symbolic meaning. Her artwork is inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement and the works of Franz Marc, Wassily Kandinsky, Robert Delaunay and Rodger Kemp.